ACT - TRACK - RESPOND Immediately and Effectively

In the modern business environment, you need a sales lead management tool that is efficient, fast and easy to use. It’s essential to know immediately what the prospect wants and be able to contact them quickly with the right information.

ThreeClix offers the only lead management system that supports real time responses for all of your internet leads. Four out of 5 consumers go to the internet first to research a new product or service. How quickly you respond to an internet lead will make the difference between simply contacting a prospect or selling a new customer.

Seamlessly manage all your existing lead sources in one place. Leads are delivered real time via “call to action” emails to a salesperson. NO MORE user login. NO MORE application training. NO MORE pay to play for everything you need to sell. Just the internet and an email address. The right information – to the right person – at the right time.

With only three clicks, the salesperson can view the lead information, contact the prospect via phone or personalized email, and schedule a next step to follow-up and close the sale. Management can track the status of all their leads and review the current pipeline.

Let ThreeClix help you manage the process and allow you and your team to close more sales.

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Lead Management

Seamlessly manage all your existing lead sources in one place.
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Lead Integration

Ability to accept leads in virtually any electronic format.
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Lead Automation

Manages part of the sales cycle process for you.
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Lead Nurture

Every prospect in the system receives timely, relevant information.
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